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Since 2002, The Experia Group® has been crafting successful strategies.

The Experia Group was founded in 2002, after seeing up close what problems are caused by not having top caliber marketing talent when trying to enter the global med device arena.

Delays, re-starts, market withdrawals, recalls, clinician dissatisfaction and under performance all happen because solutions weren't matched with problems that where real, worth going after, or with which the launching company could win.

Regardless of where you started, with technology, a device idea, a problem to solve, eventually all the dimensions of marketing have to converge into a single, simple, message relating to the value and utility you are offering your clinician customer.

To unlock success you need to align your target customer and influencers with a utility that they value.  The difficulty, in some cases, is that the customer doesn't know that they have a problem so they don't value the solution you are offering.

Great marketers shape the story so that the problem is recognized and personalized, so that the value of your solution becomes obvious to all influencers in a buying decision both emotionally and logically.